Intro: O!RUL8,2?

English translation and Korean lesson with the lyrics of Intro: O!RUL8,2? by BTS, from the 2013 album O!RUL8,2?

Produced by: Pdogg
Written by: Pdogg, RM

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You only live once

So live your life, not any other’s lives

Take chances and never regret, never

Never be late to do what you wanna do right now

Because at one point of someday

Everything you did

Would be exactly what you will be


아버지는 말하셨지 인생을 즐겨라

My father told me, “Enjoy life.”

아버지 = father

말하다 = to speak, to say

-시- = inserted in conjugation of verbs or adjectives when the subject of the sentence deserves to spoken of with respect (말하셨지)

-지 = adds a nuance of “you know” or “don’t you think?” (말하셨지)

인생 = life

즐기다 = to enjoy

-어라 / -아라 = “Do X” (즐겨라)

아버지께 여쭤보고파 당신은 인생을 즐겼나

I really want to ask my father, “Did you enjoy life?”

-께 = to X. High respect form (아버지께)

여쭈다 = to ask. High respect form.

-어보다 / -아보다 = to give X a try, sort of. Read more here. (여쭈보고파)

-고파 = to really want X, to be hungry for X (여쭈보고파)

당신 = you. High respect form

왜 당연한 게 당연하지 않게 됐고

Why have things that were a given become not so, 

왜 = why

당연하다 = to be natural, obvious, a matter of course

게 = a thing

-지 않다 = to not do X (당연하지 않게)

-게 되다 = for X to end up happening. Gives a nuance that X wasn’t really the plan or the intention, but ended up happening (않게 됐고)

-고 = X and (됐고)

당연하지 않은 게 당연하게 됐어

and things that weren’t have become a given?

왜 나의 인생에서 나는 없고

Why am I not living my own life, but

나 = I, me

-의 = indicates possession, like ‘s in English (나의)

-에서 = in X (인생에서)

없다 = to not be found, not exist

그저 남의 인생들을 살게 됐어

just living others’ lives?

그저 = just

남 = others

-들 = makes a noun plural (인생들을)

살다 = to live

이건 진짜야 도박도 게임도 아냐

This is real. It’s not a bet or a game.

이 = this

것 = a thing

진짜 = something real

도박 = a gamble

-도 = X too, X neither

아니다 = to not be X (X being the preceding noun)

딱 한번뿐인 인생

You only have one life.

딱 = just, precisely, exactly

한 = one (shortened form of 하나)

번 = a time (as in “one time”, not as in “I spent some time there.”)

-뿐 = only X (한번뿌인)

넌 대체 누굴 위해 사냐

Who on earth are you living for?

너 = you

대체 = “_ in the world”, “_ the heck”, etc.

누구 = who, someone (context dependent)

위하다 = to be for X (X being the preceding noun)

9살 아니면 10살 때쯤 내 심장은 멈췄지

At about 9 or 10 years old my heart stopped.

(Namjoon referenced this exact same sentiment in his UN speech in fall of 2018.)

살 = years old

아니면 = or

때 = the point in time when something occurs

-쯤 = about X, roughly X (때쯤)

내 = I, me, my

심장 = a heart

멈추다 = to stop

가슴에 손을 얹고 말해봐

I put my hand on my heart and say,

가슴 = a chest

-에 = at X, on X (가슴에)

손 = a hand

얹다 = to place something on something

내 꿈은 뭐였지?

“What was my dream, again??

꿈 = a dream

뭐 = what

어 진짜 뭐였지

Seriously, what was it?”

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