Snow Flower (feat. Peakboy)

English translation and Korean lesson with the lyrics of Snow Flower (feat. Peakboy) by V of BTS.

Produced & Written by: V, Peakboy

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Verse 1:

Hey snow

It’s coming today

뭘 준비하면 돼

How should I get ready?

뭐 = what, something

준비하다 = to prepare, get ready

-면 되다 / -으면 되다 = one should/can do X (준비하면 돼)

널 반길 준빈 ok

I’m ready to welcome you, ok

너 = you

반기다 = to greet, to welcome

회색 캔버스 위에 fallin

Fallin on a grey canvas

회색 = grey

위 = the top of something

-에 = at X, on X (위에)

네가 덮어주면 돼

You can cover it for me.

네 = you, your

덮다 = to cover

-어주다 / 아주다 = adds a nuance of “for” or “as a favour to” someone (덮어주면)

세상을 네게 줄게

I’ll give you the world.

세상 = a world

-에게 = to X, for X (네게)

주다 = to give

-ㄹ게 / -을게 = “I’ll do X” with an added nuance of “if that’s okay with you” (줄게)

차가운 계절 속에

In this cold season

차갑다 = to be cold

계절 = a season

속 = the inside of something

네가 오는 건 이벤트

your coming is a special event.

오다 = to come

건 = a thing

blue and grey를 녹여줄 따뜻한 네게

For you, whose warmth will melt my blue and grey,

내 = I, me, my

녹이다 = to melt, to thaw something

따뜻하다 = to be warm

Christmas without you would just not be Christmas at all

Bright mistletoes up above us, it’s just you and me

‘I love you’


온 세상이 하얀 꽃들로

The whole world, with its white flowers

(Note: The Korean word for “snowflake” is 눈송이, but I’ve often heard them referred to lyrically as 눈꽃 or snow flowers. Most notably, this occurs in the first line of the chorus of Spring Day.)

온 = whole, entire

하앟다 = to be white

꽃 = a flower

-들 = makes a noun plural (꽃들로)

-로 / -으로 = via X, using X (꽃들로)

우리의 시간을 더욱 특별하게

makes our time even more special.

우리 = we, us, our

-의 = indicates possession, like ‘s in English (우리의)

시간 = time

더욱 = more, even more

특별하다 = to be special

멈춰진 시간들 속에서

In these frozen times

멈추다 = to stop, to halt, to freeze (time)

-어지다 / -아지다 = makes a verb passive. IE: “to be stopped” rather than “to stop” (멈춰진)

-에서 = in X, inside X (속에서)

슬픈 네 미소에 꽃이 내려지길

I hope flowers fall on your sad smile.

슬프다 = to be sad

미소 = a smile

내리다 = to descend

-길 = “I wish X would happen”, “If only X would happen” (내겨지길)

Verse 2:

아름답게 세상이 하얗게 물들 때

When the world is beautifully coloured white

아름답다 = to be beautiful

-게 = makes an adjective into an adverb. IE: “beautiful” become “beautifully” (아름답게)

물들다 = to be tinged, stained, coloured

때 = a point in time

빛바랜 그 색들을 너와 번질게

I’ll spread those faded colours with you.

빛바래다 = to fade

그 = that, those

색 = a colour

-와 / -과 = “and” when followed by an accompanying noun. Otherwise “with” (너와)

번지다 = to spread, to run (like ink)

올해는 여기저기 하얀 천사들이 많잖아

This year there are many white angels around.

올해 = this year

여기저기 = here and there

천사 = an angel

많다 = to be many, lots

-잖아 = used when saying something the listener already knows or should already know (많잖아)

숨을 크게 쉬고 너를 닮은 저기 꽃들을 봐

I take a deep breath and look at those flowers that look like you.

숨 = a breath

크다 = to be big

숨을 쉬다 =  to breathe

닮다 = to resemble, to look like

저기 = over there

보다 = to look at, to see

내 옆에 따뜻한 온기를 느껴줘

Feel the warmth at my side.

옆 = the side of something

온기 = warmth

느끼다 = to feel

차디찬 네 고운 손으로 날 잡아줘

Hold me with your cold, numb hands.

차디차다 = to be frigid

곱다 = usually to be pretty, lovely, but when talking about hands and cold, it means to be numb

손 = a hand

잡다 = to hold, to take in one’s hands

널 계속 지켜줄게

I’ll keep taking care of you.

계속 =continually

지키다 = to protect, watch over, take care of

평생 너와 하얀 눈을 같이 맞을게

For the rest of my life, together with you, I’ll let the white snow fall on me.

평생 = one’s whole life

같이 = together

맞다 = to be struck by (like for snow or rain to fall on you)

Did you see the snow?

Like your eyes

Believe in Santa Claus?

너와 따뜻한 선물을 가져갈게

I’ll bring a warm gift with you

선물 = a gift

가져가다:  to take something (가지다 = to have + 가다 = to go)

코끝과 같이 이 계절이 올 때마다

every time this season is right in front of our noses.

코 = a nose

끝 = the end of something

이 = this, these

-마다 = every X, every time X happens (때마다)

Fall in love

I’m just feeling

내 곁에 있어줘

Please stay by my side.

곁 = one’s side, the space right beside someone

있다 = to be found, to exist

너와 발을 맞춰

I’ll match my step to yours

발 = a foot

맞추다 = to adjust something so that it matches with something else

이 노래를 부를게

and sing this song.

‘You make me wanna be a better man’

노래 = a song

부르다 = to sing


온 세상이 하얀 꽃들로

The whole world, with its white flowers

우리의 분위길 더욱 깊어지게

deepens our mood even more.

분위기 = a mood, the atmosphere in a place

깊다 = to be deep

멈춰진 가로등 아래에서

Beneath the frozen streetlights

가로등 = a street light

아래 = beneath, under

웃는 네 미소에 꽃이 내려지길

I hope snowflakes fall on your laughing smile.

웃다 = to smile, to laugh

Snow Flower (feat. Peakboy) V lyrics English and Korean