English translation and Korean lesson with the lyrics of WINTER FLOWER (Feat.RM), from Younha’s 2020 album Unstable Mindset.

Composed & arranged by: Eden, Ollounder, LEEZ
Lyrics by: YOUNHA, RM, Eden

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Verse 1:

Hold on hold on hold on hold on

시린 겨울바람 깊은 발자국 아래 홀로 피어나

Under the deep footprints of the cold winter wind I bloom alone.

시리다 = to be cold

겨울 = winter

바람 = wind

깊다 = to be deep

발자국 = a footprint

아래 = the bottom of something

홀로 = alone

피어나다 = to burst forth, to come into bloom

내가 태어나고 만난 이유를 찾아서 헤매어

I wander, looking for the reason I was born and met you.

내 = I, me, mine

태어나다 = to be born

너 = you

만나다 = to meet

이유 = a reason

찾다 = to find, to look for

-아서 / -어서 = because X (찾아서)

헤매다 = to wander, to roam


하얗게 번지는 한숨은 얼어붙은 눈물

This sigh, spreading in white, is my frozen tears.

하얗다 = to be white

-게 = turn an adjective into an adverb. IE: “quickly” instead of “quick” (하얗게)

번지다 = to spread

한숨 = a sigh

얼어붙다 = to be frozen

눈물 = tears

버려진 꿈들은 다른 상처를 낳고

Abandoned dreams produce another wound.

버려지다 = to be dumped, thrown away

꿈 = a dream

-들 = makes a noun plural (꿈들은)

다르다 = to be different

상처 = a wound, a scare

낳다 = to bear, to give birth to, to produce

-고 = X and (낳고)

이 계절의 끝이 어딜까

Where is the end of this season?

이 = this, these

계절 = a season

-의 indicates possession, like ‘s in English (계절의)

끝 = the end of something

어디 = where, somewhere (context-dependent)

-ㄹ까 / -을까 = used when wondering to oneself about something (어딜까)

영원이 있다면

If there’s a forever

hold on hold on hold on

영원 = eternity, forever

있다 = to exist, to be found

-다면 = if X (있다면)


I will take it away before you stumble

I will stay by your side until you survive

피어나 주기를

If only you’d bloom for me.

-아 주다 / -어 주다 = adds a nuance of “for” or “as a favour to” someone

-기를 = “I wish X”, “If only X”(주기를)

Verse 2:

난 왜 널 만난 걸까

Why did I meet you?

나 = I, me

왜 = why

하필 바로 지금 여기 이 겨울날

Of all things, right here and now on this winter day?

하필 = of all things

바로 = right, just, exactly ( used to create emphasis, like the word “right” in the lyrics)

지금 = now

여기 = here

날 = a day

눈 감으면 봄은 아득하고

When I close my eyes, spring is distant, and

눈 = an eye

감다 = to close (eyes only, not doors, windows, etc)

-으면 / -면 = if X (감으면)

아득하다 = to be distant, far-off

여긴 찬 숨만 가득한데

this place is filled with nothing but icy breath.

차다 = to be frosty, icy

숨 = breath

-만 = just X, only X (숨만)

가득하다 = to be full of

모진 겨울 네가 흘렸던 피에서 빨갛게 나는 태어났지

From your blood, shed in the harsh winter, I was born in red.

모지다 = to be harsh, cruel

네 = you, your

흐르다 = to flow

피 = blood

-에서 = from X (피에서)

빨갛다 = to be red

-지 = adds a nuance of “you know”, or “isn’t it?” (내어났지)

설중매, 동백, 수선화

Snow plum, camellia, daffodil;

설중 = in the middle of snow, during snow

매 = a plum

동백 = a camellia

수선화 = a daffodil

그래 날 뭐라고 불러도 좋아

Sure, I’m fine with whatever you call me.

그래 = Sure, okay, yeah, fine

뭐 = what

부르다 = to call (not on the phone)

-어도 / -아도 = even if X, even though X (불러도)

좋다 = to be good, to like

They say life is full of paradox

All you gotta do is gettin’ used to this marathon

세상은 너에게만 모질까

Are you the only one the world is harsh to?

세상 = a world

-에게 = to X (너에게만)

‘누구나 힘들다’

‘Everyone has it hard’

누구나 = everyone

힘들다 = to have a hard time

어른이 된 네게 그 말은 못 되네, 위로가

Those words can’t be a comfort to you as an adult.

어른 = an adult

되다 = to become

그 = that, those

말 = words, what someone says

못 = to not be able to do X (X being the following verb)

-네 = adds a nuance of surprise or amazement (되네)

위로 = comfort

똑바로 들어 겨울아

Listen carefully, winter.

똑바로 = correctly, clearly

듣다 = to hear, to listen

네가 날 피운 거야

It’s you who made me bloom.

피우다 = to make something bloom

나 이제 내 가지로 파란 향을 피울 거야

Now with my branches I’ll burn blue incense.

이제 = now

가지 = a branch

-로 / -으로 = with, via, using (가지로)

파랗다 = to be blue

향 = incense

피우다 = to light, to burn 

내가 알려줄게

I’ll let you know

알리다 = to let someone know something, to tell

-ㄹ게 / -을게 = “I’ll do X”, with an added nuance of “if that’s okay with you” or “unless you object” (알려줄게)

다른 하늘이 있음을

that there is another sky.

하늘 = a sky

힘껏 불러올게

I’ll call it to you with all my might

힘껏 = with all one’s might

불러오다 = to call in, to bring in(부르다 = to call + 오다 = to come)

너를 닮았던 가을을

the autumn that was so like you.

닮다 = to resemble

가을 = autumn


하얗게 번지는 불빛은 얼어붙은 태양

The light, spreading in white, is the frozen sun.

불빛 = a light

태양 = the sun

가려진 달처럼 아직 존재해도

Even if still exists like the obscured moon.

가려지다 = to be clouded over, obscured

달 = a moon

-처럼 = like X (달처럼)

아직 = still

존재하다 = to exist

기다림에 끝은 어딜까

Where is the end of this wait?

기다림 = a wait (기다리다 = to wait)

시작이 있다면

If there’s a beginning

hold on hold on hold on

시작 = a beginning


I will take it away before you stumble

I will stay by your side until you survive

피어나 주기를

If only you’d bloom for me.


네 온기 잊지 않아

I haven’t forgotten your warmth.

온기 = warmth

잊다 = to forget

-지 않다 = to not do X (잊지 않아)

겨울의 꽃이 되어 춤추는 별이 되어

I’ll become a winter flower. I’ll become a dancing star.

꽃 = a flower

춤 = a dance

춤 추다 = to dance

별 = a start

I will be by your side



I will take it away before you stumble

I will stay by your side until you survive

피어나길 바래

I hope you bloom.

바라다 = to wish, to hope

피어나길 바래

I hope you bloom.

피어나길 바래

I hope you bloom.

피어나길 바래

I hope you bloom.

피어나길 바래

I hope you bloom.

Younha Winter Flower (feat. RM) lyrics English