Intro: 화양연화 (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life)

English translation and Korean lesson with the lyrics of Intro: 화양연화 (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life) by BTS, from the 2016 album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever.

Produced by: Slow Rabbit
Written by: Slow Rabbit, SUGA

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오늘따라 림이 멀어 보여

The rim looks especially far away today.

오늘 = today

오늘따라 = today of all days, today especially

멀다 = to be far, distant

보이다 = to be visible, to be seen

코트 위에 한숨이 고여

The sighs pile up on the court.

위 = the top of something

-에 = on X, at X (위에)

한숨 = a sigh

고이다 = to gather, to pile up

현실이 두려운 소년

A boy who’s scared of reality,

현실 = reality

두렵다 = to be scared

소년 = a boy

공을 던질 때면 유일하게 맘이 되려 놓여

only when I’m throwing a ball is my heart at ease.

공 = a ball

던지다 = to throw

때 = the time/instance when something happens

-면 / -으면 = if/when X (때면)

유일하게 = being the only one, only thing

맘 = one’s heart/mind, in the metaphorical, not the anatomical sense (shortened form of 마음)

되려 = on the contrary, rather, all the more (dialect form of 도리어)

놓이다 = to feel at ease, be relieved

홀로 던지는 공

The ball that I throw alone,

홀로 = alone

림을 향해서 내가 던지는 건

What I’m throwing towards the rim

향하다 = towards

내 = I, me, my

건 = a thing

수많은 고민과 삶의 걱정거리

are countless concerns and worries about life.

수많다 = to be numerous, very many

고민 = thoughts, concerns, troubles

-과 / -와 = “and” when followed by an accompanying noun. Otherwise “with” (고민과)

삶 = life

-의 = indicates possession, like ‘s in English (삶의)

걱정거리 = a source of worries

세상을 아는 척 하지만

I pretend I’ve got the world figured out, but

세상 = a world

알다 = to know

척 하다 = to pretend

-지만 = X but (하지만)

아직 설익은 몸

my body is still green.

아직 = still, yet

설익다 = to be half-cooked, green, half-ripe

몸 = a body

슛 코트가 나의 놀이터

Shoot! The court is my playground.

나 = I, me

놀이터 = a playground

손짓에 따라서 발 옆엔 작은 공이 튀어

The small ball bounces beside my feet, following the movement of my hand.

소짓 = a movement of a hand

따르다 = to follow, to go after

-아서 / 어서 = to do X and then (따라서)

발 = a foot

옆 = beside

작다 = to be small

튀다 = to bounce

성적은 바닥을 기지만 난 더 오히려

My grades are at ground level, but all the more

성적 = school grades

바닥 = a floor

기다 = to crawl

더 = more

오히려 = on the contrary, rather

세상에 다 잘 될 거라며 괜시리 소리쳐

I shout to the world that everything will be fine.

다 = all, everything, everyone

잘 = “well” (as in “it will go well”)

되다 = to become

괜시리 = to no avail, for no particular reason (dialect form of 괜스레)

소리치다 = to shout, to yell

하지만 세상은 되려 겁줘

But actually the world scares me.

하지만 = but

겁주다 = to be scary, to scare someone

그럴 거면 멈춰

If that’s how you’re going to be, just stop.

뭄추다 = to stop

머리를 채운 상념

Such thoughts fill my head.

머리 = a head

채우다 = to fill, to stuff

상념 = a thought

공 대신 미래를 던져

Instead of the ball, I throw my future away.

대신 = instead

미래 = future

또 남들이 칠하는 별점과

Once again, the rating assigned to me by others, and

또 = once again

남 = someone else, others

-들 = makes a noun place(남들이)

칠하다 = to apply something to something

별점 = a rating (별 = star + 점 = points)

성공의 기준에 결격

my failure to meet the standards of success

성공 = success

기준 = a standard

결격 = disqualification

덕에 암처럼 퍼지는 걱정 god damn it

cause worry to spread like cancer. god damn it

덕에 = thanks to X (X being the preceding noun/clause)

암 = cancer

-처럼 = like X (암처럼)

퍼지다 = to spread

걱정 = a worry

던져버린 공과 함께 퍼진 웃음

As I throw the ball, a smile spreads.

-아버리다 / -어버리다 = to complete do X, sort of. Read more here. (던져버린)

함께 = together

웃음 = a smile, laughter

턱까지 차오른 이 숨은 꿈틀대는 꿈들

The breaths that rise up in me are my dreams stirring.

턱 = a chin

-까지 = to X, until X (턱까지)

차오르다 = to rise, to well up

이 = this, these

숨 = breath

꿈틀대다 = to stir, to squirm

꿈 = a dream

빨라지는 드리블

I dribble faster.

빠르다 = to be fast

-아지다 / -어지다 = makes an adjective transitional. IE: “to become fast” instead of “to be fast” (빨라지는)

행복해지는 마음

I start to feel happier.

행복하다 = to be happy

이 순간은 영원할 듯 하지만

It’s as if this moment will last forever, but

순간 = a moment

영원하다 = to be unchanged, to last forever

듯 = as if X (X being the preceding clause)

해지는 밤이 다시 찾아오면 좀 먹는 현실.

when the sun sets and the night comes again, it’s back to that moth-eaten reality.

해 = the sun

지다 = to set (sun, moon, etc. Not table)

밤 = night

다시 = again

찾아오다 = to come and find, to visit

좀 = a moth

먹다 = to eat

정신을 차리면 또 겁먹은 병신 같은 내 모습에

When I come back to my senses, the sight of myself, this scared idiot,

정신 = one’s mind, senses, consciousness

차리다 = to set, to fix

정신 차리다 = to get it together, to come to one’s senses

겁먹다 = to be scared

병신 = a moron, an idiot

같다 = to be like X (X being the preceding word)

모습 = appearance, form

자꾸만 또 겁이 나

keeps scaring me all over again.

자꾸만 = again and again

겁 = fear

나다 = to come up, to arise

덮쳐오는 현실감

The feeling of reality hits me.

덮쳐오다 = to strike, to hit (덮치다 = to raid, attack, hit + 오다 = to come)

현실감 = a feeling of reality, for something to feel real

남들은 앞서 달려 가는데 왜 난 아직 여기 있나

Everyone else is running ahead. Why am I still here?

-에서 = in X (앞서)

달리다 = to run

가다 = to go

왜 = why

여기 = here

있다 = to be found, to exist

숨을 쉬어 아니면 꿈을 꿔

Breathe. Or dream.

숨을 쉬다 = to breathe

아니면 = or

꿈음 꾸다 = to dream

지금 심장박동에 맞춰 다시 노를 저어

Now take the oars and row again, along with the beat of your heart.

지금 = now

심장박동 = a heartbeat 

맞추다 = to match, to fit

노 = an oar

젓다 = to row, to paddle, to stir

남들의 얄팍한 잣대에 갇혀 모른 척 하며 살다간

If you keep living trapped in others’ superficial standards, pretending you’re unaware,

얄팍하다 = to be superficial

잣대 = a standard, a measurement

갇히다 = to be trapped, confined

-며 / -으며 = while X (하며)

살다가다 = to go on living (살다 = to live + 가다 = to go)

코트처럼 인생도 노을 져

it’ll become dusk in your life like it does on the court.

인생 = life

-도 = X too, even X (인생도)

노을 = sunset, dusk

What am I doin’ with my life

이 순간은 언제든 다시 찾아오지 않아

This moment won’t ever come back again.

언제든(지) = whenever, at any time

-지 않다 = to not do X (찾아오지 않아)

다시 나에게 되물어봐 지금 행복한가

Again I ask myself, “Are you happy now?”

-에게 = to X, for X (나에게)

되묻다 = to ask again

-어보다 / -아보다 = to give X a try, sort of. Read more here. (되물어봐)

그 답은 이미 정해졌어. 난 행복하다.

The answer is already decided. I’m happy.

그 = that, those

답 = an answer

이미 = already

정하다 = to set, to decide, to determine

-아지다 / -어지다 = makes a verb passive. IE: “to decide” becomes “to be decided”. (정해졌어)

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