Dream Glow

English translation and Korean lesson with the lyrics of Dream Glow by BTS and Charli XCX, from the 2019 album BTS WORLD (Original Soundtrack).

Produced by: Stargate
Written by: Charlotte Aitchison, Erin Wüthrich, Mikkel Storleer Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, Bobby Jung

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Verse 1:

I spend my whole life following the night time

Can’t see the stop sign. What you gonna say

Wandering quietly right into my dreams

It’s all that I see. What you gonna say

Always feeling something bigger, something real wild

Keep on shining. Make it brighter than a spotlight


Sometimes I stop and stare

Follow my dreams right there

Dream glow. Glow

Sometimes my dreams come true

Sometimes they turn to blue

Dream glow. Glow

Verse 2:

키우기 쉽단 착한 소년들이

Nice boys that they said would be easy to train,

키우다 = to raise, to train

-기 = used to turn a verb into a noun (키우기)

쉽다 = to be easy

착하다 = to be kind, nice

소년 = a boy

-들 = makes a noun plural (소년들)

감추곤 했던 까진 무르팍

we used to hide our skinned knees.

감추다 = to hide, to conceal

-곤 했다 = used to say that one “used to do X” (감추곤 했던)

까지다 = to be grazed, skinned

무르팍 = a knee

별자리는 태양의 파편

My zodiac sign is fragments of the sun.

내 = I, me, my

별자리 = a constellation, a zodiac sign

태양 = the sun

-의 = indicates possession, like ‘s in English (태양의)

파편 = a fragment

찬란한 암전 그림자의 춤

A brilliant darkness, a dance of shadows.

찬란하다 = to be brilliants, resplendent

암전 = a dark turn

그림자 = a shadow

춤 = a dance

심장 속에 식지 않는 빛을 느껴

In my heart I feel a light that won’t die.

심장 = a heart

속 = the inside of something

-에 = at X, on X (속에)

식다 = to cool down

-지 않다 = to not do X (식지 않는)

빛 = light

느끼다 = to feel

제껴본 적 없는 상대한텐 못 져

I can’t lose to someone who’s never even pushed back.

제끼다 = to push aside, to push back (dialect form of 제치다)

-어보다 / -아보다 = to give X a try, to see about doing X. Read more here. (제껴본)

적 없다 = to have never done X (X being the preceding verb)

상대 = an opponent

-한테 = to X (상대한텐)

못 = to not be able to do X (X being the accompanying verb)

지다 = to lose


눈부셨던 미래

In a future that was dazzling,

눈부시다 = to be dazzling, brilliant, blinding

미래 = future

잠시만 멈춘 채

stopping for just a moment.

잠시 = for a moment, briefly

-만 = just X, only X (잠시만)

멈추다 = to stop

Dream glow. Glow

내 꿈은 여기 stay

My dream is here to stay.

꿈 = a dream

여기 = hear

나 포기 안 할게

I won’t give up. 

You’ll glow. Glow

나 = I, me

포기하다 = to give up
안 = to not do/be X (X being the accompanying verb/adjective)

-ㄹ게 / -을게 = “I’ll do X” with an added nuance of “unless you object” or “if that’s okay with you”  (할게)


까만 새벽 떨리는 날개를 펼쳐

In the dark dawn, I spread my trembling wings.

Keep on shining make it brighter than a spotlight

까맣다 = to be pitch-black

새벽 = dawn, the small hours of the morning

떨리다 = to be trembling

날개 = a wing

펼치다 = to spread, to unfurl


Sometimes I stop and stare

Follow my dreams right there

Dream glow. Glow

내 꿈은 여기 stay

My dream is here to stay.

나 포기 안 할게

I won’t give up.

Dream glow. Glow

You’ll glow. Glow

You’ll glow. Glow

BTS Dream Glow lyrics English and Korean