English translation and Korean lesson with the lyrics of Her by BTS, from the 2017 album Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’.

Produced by: SUGA, Slow Rabbit
Written by: SUGA, Slow Rabbit, RM, j-hope

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Verse 1 (RM):

The world is a complex

We wus lookin’ for love

나도 그냥 그런 사람들 중 하나였어

I too was just one of those people.

나 = I, me

-도 = X too, even X (나도)

그냥 = just

그렇다 = to be like that

사람 = a person

-들 = makes a noun plural (사람들)

중 = among, in the middle of, amidst

하나 = one

진짜 사랑인지 뭔지 믿지도 않으면서

While not really believing in love or anything,

진짜 = real

사랑 = love

뭐 = what, something (context-dependent)

믿다 = to believe in

-지 않다 = to not do X (믿지도 않으면서)

-으면서 / -면서 = while X (않으면서)

습관처럼 사랑하고 싶다 지껄였던

out of habit I babbled about wanting to love.

습관 = a habit

-처럼 = like X (습관처럼)

사랑하다 = to love

-고 싶다 = to want to do X (사랑하고 싶다)

지껄이다 = to babble, chatter

But I found myself

The whole new myself

나도 헷갈려 대체 어떤 게 진짜 난지

Even I’m confused about which one is the real me.

헷갈리다 = to be confused

대체 = “__in the world”, “__the heck”, etc.

어떤 = which, what kind of

게 = a thing

만나고 내가 책이란 걸 안 걸까

Did I realize I’m a book after meeting you?

너 = you

만나다 = to meet

-고 = X and (만나고)

내 = I, me, my

책 = a book

알다 = to know

-ㄹ까 / -을까 = used to wonder to oneself about something (걸까)

아님 니가 내 책장을 넘긴 걸까

Or did you turn my page?

아님 = or (shortened spelling of 아니면)

니 = you (alternate spelling of 네)

책장 = the page of a book

넘기다 = to go over, to turn


어쨌든 네게 최고의 남자길 원해

Anyway, I want to be the best man for you.

어쨌든 = anyway,

네 = you

-에게 = to X, for X (네게)

최고 = the best

-의 = indicates possession, like ‘s in English (최고의)

남자 = a man

원하다 = to want

아마 당연해 넌 내게 이 세계 그 자체였기에

That’s probably natural, since to me you were the world itself.

아마 = probably

당연하다 = to be natural, reasonable

이 = this, these

세계 = world

그 = that, those

자체 = itself 

-기에 = “because X”. Used to give a reason why one is doing something (자체였기에)

죽을 거면 꼭 나와 같이 죽겠다던 때

When you said that if I died, you’d die together with me

죽다 = to die

-면 / -으면 = if/when X (거면)

꼭 = certainly, without fail, to make sure to do something

-와 / -과 = “and” when followed by another noun, “with” in all other cases (나와)

같이 = together

때 = the point in time when something happens

니가 원하는 내가 되기로 God I swore to myself

God, I swore to myself that I’d become who you wanted me to be.

되다 = to become

-기로 = to decide to do X (Full principle is -기로 하다) (되기로)

So many complex

But I’m lookin’ for love

가짜 나라도 좋아 니가 안아준다면

Even if I’m a fake version of me, it’s fine if you’re holding me.

가짜 = fake

-라도 / -이라도 = used to indicate that even though X isn’t the best option, it’ll do (나라도)

좋다 = to be good

안다 = to hug, to embrace

-아주다 / -어주다 = adds a nuance of “as a favour to” or “for” someone (안아준다면)

-다면 = if X (안아준다면)

넌 내게 시작이자 결말 자체니까

Because to me you’re the beginning and the very end.

시작 = a start, a beginning

-이자 / -자 = used with nouns. Sort of like “and”. Used to say that something is 2 things at once. (시작이자)

결말 = an end, a conclusion

-니까 / -이니까 = because it’s X (자체니까)

니가 날 끝내주라

Be the one to end me.

끝내다 = to end something

-라 = “Do X” (끝내주라)


내 모든 wonder 에 대한 answer

The answer to my every wonder,

모든 = every

-에 대하다 = about X 

I call you her, her

Cuz you’re my tear, tear

내 모든 wonder 에 대한 answer

The answer to my every wonder,

I call you her, her

Cuz you’re my tear, tear

Verse 2 (SUGA):

어쩌면 나는 너의 진실이자 거짓일지 몰라

I might be your truth and your lie.

어쩌면 = Maybe, perhaps

진실 = truth

거짓 = a lie

모르다 = to not know

어쩌면 당신의 사랑이자 증오

I might be your love and your hatred.

당신 = “you” – high respect version. Don’t use this until you’ve learned how. It’s usage is complicated.

증오 = hatred

어쩌면 나는 너의 원수이자 벗

I might be your enemy and your friend.

원수 = an enemy

벗 = a friend

당신의 천국이자 지옥 때론 자랑이자 수모

Your heaven and your hell, sometimes your boasting and your humiliation.

천국 = heaven

지옥 = hell

때론 = sometimes

자랑 = boasting, showing off, being proud

수모 = humiliation, disgrace

난 절대 가면을 벗지 못해

I can’t ever take the mask off

절대 = never

가면 = a mask

벗다 = to take something off

-지 못하다 = to not be able to do X (벗지 못해)

이 가면 속의 난 니가 아는 걔가 아니기에

because the me inside this mask isn’t the guy you know.

속 = the inside of something

걔 = that guy

아니다 = to not be X (X being the preceding noun)

오늘도 make up to wake up and dress up to mask on

Today again, make up to wake up and dress up to mask on

오늘 = today

당신이 사랑하는 내가 되기 위해

to become the me that you love.

위하다 = for X (X being the preceding noun)

당신이 사랑하는 걔가 되기 위해서

To become the guy that you love.

그 좋아하던 XX도 끊었지 그저 당신을 위해서

I even quit XX, which I liked a lot, just for you.

끊다 = to break off, sever, quit

-지 = adds of a nuance of “you know”, or “don’t’ you agree?” (끊었지)

그저 = just

싫어하는 옷도 과도한 메이크업도

Clothes I don’t like, excessive makeup,

싫어하다 = to dislike

옷 = clothing

과도하다 = to be excessive

당신의 웃음과 행복이 곧 내 행복의 척도

and pretending that your laughter and happiness are my happiness.

웃음 = a smile, laughter

행복 = happiness

곧 = soon, right away

척 = pretense, pretending

이런 내가 이런 내가 당신의 사랑 받을 자격 있을까

Could this version of me, this version of me, be worthy of receiving your love?

이렇다 = to be like this

받다 = to receive

자격 = a qualification

언제나 당신의 최고가 되기 위해 노력을 해

I always try to be the best for you.

언제나 = always, whenever

노력하다 = to try, to make an effort

이런 모습은 몰랐음 해

I don’t want to know this side of me.

모습 = appearance, form

-았음 하다 / -었음 하다 = “I hope X” (몰랐음 해)


내 모든 wonder 에 대한 answer

The answer to my every wonder,

I call you her, her

Cuz you’re my tear, tear

내 모든 wonder 에 대한 answer

The answer to my every wonder,

I call you her, her

Cuz you’re my tear, tear

Verse 3 (j-hope):

늘 그랬듯이 mask on

Just like always, mask on

늘 = always

듯 = as X, as if X (X being the preceding/attached noun or clause)

환호로 날 반겨주는 her

when meeting her, and she welcomes me with cheers.

환호 = cheers

-로 / -으로 = with X, via X, through X (환호로)

반기다 = to welcome, to greet

그대만의 별. 아무 일 없이 빛나면서도

I’m a star for you alone. Even though I shine like it’s nothing,

그대 = “you” affectionately

-만 = just X, only X (그대만의)

별 = a star

아무 = none, not any

일 = a thing, a matter

없다 = to not be found, not exist

일 없다 = an expression meaning “it’s nothing”, “it’s not a big deal”, “it’s all fine”

빛나다 = to shine

가장 빛나야 할 시간에 난 mask off

when I need to shine the brightest, I take my mask off.

가장 = the most (as in , “the most beautiful”, not “most days I sleep in”)

-아야 하다 / -어야 하다 = to have to do X (빛나야 할)

시간 = time

-에 = at X, on X (시간에)

Lost star 내 짐을 내려놔 어둠을 즐겨

A lost star, I set down my burden and enjoy the darkness,

짐 = a burden, load, luggage

내려놓다 = to put down (내리다 = to go down + 놓다 = to put something on something)

어둠 = darkness

즐기다 = to enjoy

죽일 듯이 쏴대는 조명도 없으니 ye

without the bright light blaring at me as if it’ll kill me, ye.

죽이다 = to kill

쏴대다 = to shoot down on, shoot at (쏘다 = to shoot + 대다 = to aim, to target)

조명 = lighting, light

-으니 / -니 = because X, since X (없으니)

그저 맘 가는 대로

Just as I like,

맘 = one’s heart, mind. In the metaphorical, not the anatomical sense. (Short for 마음)

가다 = to go

대로 = in the manner of X, like X

감 닿는 대로, 날 안 잡는 대로

following my feelings, without taking hold of myself.

감 = sense, feeling

닿다 = to reach, to touch

안 = to not do X (X being the accompanying verb)

잡다 = to take in one’s hand, to hold

Tick tock the dark is over

다시 너의 최고가 되기 위해

In order to become the best for you again,

다시 = again

내 자신을 붙잡어

I get a hold of myself.

자신 = oneself

붙잡다 = to get a hold off

사랑은 사람을 미치게 해

Love makes people go crazy.

미치다 = to be crazy

-게 하다 = to make X happen (미치게 해)

그래 미친놈의 각오

Yeah, the determination of a lunatic.

그래 = yeah, okay, sure

미친놈 = a crazy guy, a crazy person

각오 = determination, resolve

가장 나다운 식에 대입을 하고

I swap myself into the formula that fits me best,

-답다 = to resemble X (나다운)

식 = a way, a formula

대입하다 = to substitute

전부인 너를 위해 내가 내린 해답을 줘

and to you, who are everything, I give the answer that I come up with.

전부 = everything

내리다 = to draw a conclusion

해답 = an answer

주다 = to give

그걸 사랑해주는 너

You love it.

그로 인해 노력하는 나

As a result, I try harder.

-로 인하다 = due to X, as a result of X (그로 인해)

니 존재로 새로운 의미를 찾고 빛을 내는 밤

Through your existence the night takes on new meaning, and light shines.

존재 = existence

새롭다 = to be new

의미 = meaning, significance

찾다 = to find, to look for

빛 = light (in the abstract, not like a source of light)

내다 = to put, appear

밤 = a night

난 알았어 어둠이 끝나도 내겐 넌 아침이란 걸

I know. Even though the darkness ends, for me you are the morning.

You woke me up

끝나다 = to end

아침 = morning


내 모든 wonder 에 대한 answer

The answer to my every wonder,

I call you her, her

Cuz you’re my tear, tear

내 모든 wonder 에 대한 answer

The answer to my every wonder,

I call you her, her

Cuz you’re my tear, tear

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