Intro: Serendipity

English translation and Korean lesson with the lyrics of Intro: Serendipity by BTS, from the 2017 album Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’.

Produced by: Slow Rabbit
Written by: Slow Rabbit, Ray Michael Djan Jr, Ashton Foster, RM, “Hitman” Bang

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Verse 1:

이 모든 건 우연이 아냐

All of this is not coincidence

이 = this, these

모든 = every

것 = thing

우연 = a coincidence, a fluke

아니다 = to not be X, X being the preceding word

그냥 그냥 나의 느낌으로

Just, just because of the way I feel

그냥 = just

나 = I, me

-의 = indicates possession, like ‘s in English (나의)

느낌 = a feeling

-으로 / -로 = via X, through X(느낌으로)

온 세상이 어제완 달라

The whole world is different from yesterday

온 = whole, entire

세상 = a world

어제 = yesterday

-와 / -과 = “and” when followed by another noun, “with” in all other cases (어제완)

다르다 = to be different

그냥 그냥 너의 기쁨으로

Just, just because of your joy

너 = you

기쁨 = joy, gladness

니가 불렀을 때

When you called me,

부르다 = to call (aloud, not on the phone)

때 = the point in time when something happens

나는 너의 꽃으로

I became your flower.

꽃 = a flower

-으로 / -로 = into X, IE. “to turn into X” (this is a different usage from lines 2 and 4)(꽃으로)

기다렸던 것처럼

As if we’ve been waiting

기다리다 = to wait

-처럼 = like X (것처럼)

우린 시리도록 피어

we blossom until we ache.

우리 = we, us, our

시리다 = to feel cold, to ache

-도록 = until X (시리도록)

피다 = to bloom, to blossom

어쩌면 우주의 섭리 그냥 그랬던 거야

Maybe that’s just how the providence of the universe went.

어쩌면 = maybe

우주 = a universe

섭리 = providence

U know I know

너는 나 나는 너

You’re me. I’m you.

설레는 만큼 많이 두려워

I’m as scared as I am excited

설레다 =to be fluttery, palpitating (a heart)

만큼 = since X, as much as X, X being the preceding word

많다 = to be many

두렵다 = to be scared

운명이 우릴 자꾸 질투해서

because fate keeps getting jealous of us.

운명 = fate, destiny

자꾸 = keep/keeps

질투하다 = to be jealous

너만큼 나도 많이 무서워

I’m as scared as you are.

-도 = X too, even X (나도)

무섭다 = to be afraid

When you see me

When you touch me

우주가 우릴 위해 움직였어

The universe moved for us.

-를 위하다 / -을 위하다 = for X, for the benefit of X (우릴 위해)

움직이다 = to move

조금의 어긋남조차 없었어

Nothing was even a bit off-kilter.

조금 = a bit

어긋남 = something being out of sync, not as it should be

-조차 = even X (어긋남조차)

-없다 = to not exist, not be found

너와 내 행복은 예정됐던 걸

Your and my happiness were predestined.

내 = I, my

행복 = happiness

예정되다 = to be scheduled, prearranged, predestined (예정하다 = to plan, to schedule)

Cuz you love me

And I love you


넌 내 푸른 곰팡이

You’re my penicillium.

푸르다 = to be blue/green

곰팡이 = mold

푸른 곰팡이 = penicillium

날 구원해 준 나의 천사 나의 세상

My angel who rescued me, my world.

구원하다 = to save, to rescue

-아주다 / -어주다 = adds a nuance of “for” or “as a favour to” the person to/for whom the action is being done (구원해 준)

천사 = an angel

난 네 삼색 고양이 널 만나러 온

I’m your calico cat, who came to meet you.

Love me now touch me now

삼 = three

색 = a colour

고양이 = a cat

삼색 고양이 = a calico cat

만나다 = to meet

-러 = in order to do X (만나러)

오다 = to come


Just let me love you

Just let me love you

우주가 처음 생겨났을 때부터

From the time when the universe first came into being

처음 = the first, the beginning

생겨나다 = to emerge (생기다 = to be formed + 나다 = to occur, to come up)

-부터 = from X, since X (때부터)

모든 건 정해진 거였어

everything was decided.

정하다 = to decide, to determine

Just let me love you

Let me love

Let me love you

Let me love

Let me love you

BTS Intro Serendipity lyrics English