English translation and Korean lesson with the lyrics of Filter by BTS, from the 2020 album Map of the Soul: 7.

Produced by: Tom Wiklund
Written by: Tom Wiklund, Hilda Stenmalm, “hitman” bang, Lee seu-ran, LUTRA, danke, Bobby Chung, Ahn Bok Jin, Fallin’ Dild, Fluorescence Boy

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Verse 1:

너의 따분한 그 표정 지루한 발끝

From your tired expression to your bored feet.

너 = you

-의 = indicates possession, like ‘s in English (너의)

따분하다 = to be bored, wearied, tired of something

그 = that, those

표정 = expression

지루하다 = to be bored

발끝 = tiptoes; literally the ends of your feet.

Please look at me now.

핸드폰은 내려놔 고개 돌릴 생각도 마

Put down the phone. And don’t even think about about turning your head away.

핸드폰 = cell phone

내리놓다 = to put something down (내리다 = to lower + 놓다 = to put down, to leave something)

고개 = head

돌리다 = to turn

생각 = a thought

-도 = even X (생각도)

마 = “Don’t do X” (X being the preceding noun/verb/adjective)

Let me know your type

골라 쓰면 돼 yeah

You can choose me and use me, yeah

나 = I, me

고르다 = to choose, to select

쓰다 = to use

-면 되다 = “you should do X”, or to suggest that someone can do X (쓰면 돼)

Oh 너의 눈을 나의 손으로 포개

Oh with my hands folded over your eyes,

눈 = eye(s)

손 = hand(s)

-으로 / -로 = with, via, using X (손으로)

포개다 = to stack, to fold

Oh 다가가 비밀에

Oh I draw closer to the secret.

다가가다 = to go close to, approach

비밀 = a secret

-에 = to X, at X (비밀에)

널 데려갈게 완전히 새로운 세상에

I’ll take you to a completely new world.

데려가다 = to take someone (데리다 = to take someone + 가다 = to go)

완전히 = completely

새롭다 = to be new

세상 = a world

Yeah 네 감은 눈을 떠봐 이제 go!

Yeah, open your eyes now, go!

네 = you, your

감다 = to close one’s eyes

뜨다 = to open one’s eyes

이제 = now


팔레트 속 색을 섞어 pick your filter.

Mix the colours on your palette. Pick your filter.

팔레트 = palette (konglish)

속 = the inside of something

색 = a colour

섞다 = to mix

어떤 나를 원해

Which me do you want?

어떤 = which

원하다 = to want

너의 세상을 변화시킬 I’m your filter.

I’m your filter that will change your world. 

변화 = a change

시키다 = to make, get something to happen (as in, “I’ll make you laugh”, not “I’ll make you supper”)

네 맘에 씌워줘

Cover your heart with it.

맘 = heart (shortened form of 마음)

씌우다 = to cover with, to put over

Verse 2:

(OK) 어때? 조금 느낌이 와? 아직 모자라?

(OK) What do you think? Are you starting to feel the vibe? Is it still not enough?

어때 = “How is it?”, “What do you think?”

조금 = a bit

느낌 = a feeling

오다 = to come

아직 = still

모자라다 = to be insufficient, short

(Yes) Girl you have your chance

I can be your Genie

How ’bout Aladdin?

뭐든 돼 줄게

I’ll become anything for you.

뭐든 = anything, whatever

되다 = to become

-아 주다 / -어 주다 = adds a nuance of “as a favour to [the object]”, “for [the object]” (돼 줄게)

-ㄹ게 / -를게 = “I’ll do X” with an added nuance of “If that’s ok with you”, “Unless you object” (줄게)

날 골라 쓰면 돼 yeah

You can choose me and use me, yeah

Oh 네 꿈처럼 널 감싸 안을 거야

Oh, I’ll wrap you in an embrace like in your dreams.

꿈 = a dream

-처럼 = like X (꿈처럼)

감싸다 = to wrap (up)

안다 = to hug

Oh 은밀한 spec이야

Oh, they’re private spec[ification]s. 

은밀하다 = secret, private

너를 위해 매일 새로울 거야

I’ll be new for you every day.

-을 위하다 / -를위하다 = for X, for the benefit of X (너를 위해)

매일 = every day

늘 똑같은 건 재미없잖아

It’s no fun being the same all the time.

늘 = always

똑같다 = to be exactly the same

재미없다 = to not be fun

-잖아 = used when saying something the listener already knows (재미없잖아)


팔레트 속 색을 섞어, pick your filter.

Mix the colours on your palette. Pick your filter.

어떤 나를 원해?

Which me do you want?

너의 세상을 변화시킬 I’m your filter

I’m your filter that will change your world. 

네 맘에 씌워줘

Cover your heart with it.


불현듯 아이로 변한 날 봐

Look, I’ve suddenly turned into a kid.

불현듯 = suddenly

아이 = a child

-로 = into X, to X (아이로)

변하다 = to change, to turn into

보다 = to see, to look at

볼수록 귀여워 미치도록

The longer you look the cuter I get, and it drives you crazy.

-수록 = as one does X, the more one does X (볼수록)

귀엽다 = to be cute

미치다 = to be crazy, to go insane

-도록 = in order to make X happen, until X happens (미치도록)

취향도 기준도 뛰어넘어

I exceed tastes and standards.

취향 = preference, taste

-도 = X too (취향도, 기준도)

기준 = a standard

뛰어넘다 = to jump over, to exceed, to surpass

넌 오직 나만을 원하게 돼

You end up wanting only me.

오직 = only, exclusively

-만 = only X, just X (나만)

-게 되다 = to end up doing X, sort of a nuance of doing something that you didn’t really choose to do or set out to do (원하게 되다)

Yeah 날 만든 사람 바로 너니까

Yeah, because it’s you who made me.

만들다 = to make

사람 = a person

바로 = just, exactly, right (as in “this is just the thing”, “You’re just the one I wanted to see”, “It was right here”, etc)

-니까 / -으니까 = because X (너니까)


난 여태 네가 본 적 없는 brand new filter

I’m a brand new filter that you’ve never seen before.

여태 = so far, yet

-ㄴ 적 없다 / -은 적 없다 = to have never done X, never experienced X (본 적 없는)

내게 널 맡겨봐

Entrust yourself to me.

-에게 = to X (내게)

맡기다 = to leave to somebody, to entrust to somebody

더 짜릿한 걸 볼 수 있게 pick your filter

Pick your filter so you can see something more thrilling.

더 = more

짜릿하다 = thrilling

-ㄹ 수 있다 / -을 수 있다 = to be able to do X (볼 수 있게)

나만을 담아봐

Just put it on me. 

담다 = to put into, to put on

Na na na na na na na na na

Pick your filter

나만을 담아봐.

Just put it on me

Na na na na na na na na na

I’m your filter

내게 널 맡겨봐

Entrust yourself to me.

새로운 우리가 될 거야

We’ll become a new us.

Ay 날 네 맘에 씌워줘

Ay, cover your heart with me.

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