Louder Than Bombs

English translation and Korean lesson with the lyrics of Louder Than Bombs by BTS, from the 2020 album Map of the Soul: 7.

Produced by: Bram Inscore
Written by: Troye Sivan, Bram Inscore, Allie X, Leland, RM, SUGA, j-hope

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Verse 1:

이젠 너무 선명해졌어

It’s become so clear now,

이제 = now

너무 = so, too

선명하다 = to be clear, obvious

저 환호 속의 낯선 그림자

the unfamiliar shadow inside those cheers.

저 = that, those

환호 = a cheer, a cry of joy

속 = the inside of something

-의 = indicates possession like ‘s in English (속의)

낯설다 = to be strange, unfamiliar

아마 다신 믿을 수 없을 좋은 것만 보고 듣잔 말

“Let’s see and hear only good things.” Those words that are probably no longer believable.

그림자 = a shadow

아마 = probably

다시 = again

믿다 = to believe (in), to trust

-ㄹ 수 없다 / -을 수 없다 = to not be able to do X, “can’t” (믿을 수 없을)

좋다 = to be good, nice

것 = thing

-만 = only X (것만)

보다 = to see, too look at

-고 = X and (보고)

듣다 = to hear

-자 = let’s do X (듣자)

말 = words, the thing that a person said


고요한 너의 슬픔이 나를 흔들어

Your silent sorrow shakes me.

고요하다 = to be silent, still

너 = you

슬픔 = sorrow, sadness

나 = I, me

흔들다 = to shake

조용한 나의 바다에 파도가 일곤 해

Now and then waves rise on my quiet sea.

조용하다 = to be quiet

바다 = a sea

-에 = on, at X (바다에)

파도 = a wave (of water)

일다 = to happen, to occur (in this context. SUPER versatile word with lots of meanings)

-곤 하다 = to tend to do X, for X to happen now and then (일곤 해)


Louder than bombs I break.

쏟아지는 아픔들 네가 지었던 그 표정이 그 표정이 아니란 걸 안 그때부터

Since the time I realized the look on your face didn’t reflect the pain pouring down.

Louder than bombs I break.

쏟아지다 = to pour down, to gush

아픔 = a hurt, pain

-들 = makes a noun plural (아픔들)

네 = you, your

짓다 = to make

그 = that, those

표정 = a facial expression

아니다 = to not be

알다 = to know

그때 = that time, the point in time when something happens

-부터 = from X (can refer to time or place) (그때부터)

Verse 2:

Baby I’m nothin’er than nothin’

Lighter than the light

Don’t you want a thing from me

But you say I’m somethin’er than somethin’

Lighter than the light

Don’t you give up your life

Here I stay, pray

Just for better days

Every day a maze

Wonder if this is my place

Where’s my way?

계속 흔들리는 ground

The ground keeps on shaking.

계속 = continually, still

흔들리다 = to be shaking

홀로 무너지는 중 mute

As I collapse alone, mute.

홀로 = alone

무너지다 = to collapse

-는 중 = in the middle of X (무너지는 중 = in the middle of collapsing)

Louder than bombs yeah

I want to tell you

어둠은 말야 어디라도 있단 걸

When it comes to darkness, it can be found anywhere.

어둠 = darkness

어디 = where, somewhere

있다 = to be at a location

두려워 말아

Don’t be scared.

두렵다 = to be scared

어떤 밤이 날 삼켜도 난 포기하진 않아

Even though some nights swallow me, I’m not giving up.

어떤 = some, a certain one

밤 = a night

삼키다 = to swallow

-어도 = even though X (삼켜도)

포기하다 = to give up

-지 않다 = to not do X (포기하진 않아)

널 위한 fight, we’ll shine

The fight is for you. We’ll shine.

위하다 = to be for X


너와 난 다 함께 느껴

You and me, we feel it all together,

-와 / –과 = “and” when followed by a corresponding noun, otherwise “with” (너와 and 슬픔과)

다 = all

함께 = together

 느끼다 = to feel

슬픔과 고통

the sorrow and pain.

고통 = pain

우연한 게 절대 아냐

It’s absolutely not by chance.

Yeah we picked this game

우연하다 = to be a coincidence, to be by chance

게 = a thing

절대 = never, absolutely not


Louder than bombs I say

세상 앞에 말할게

I’ll say it before the world.

세상 = the world

앞에 = in front of (앞 + -에)

말하다 = to speak, to say

-ㄹ게 = “I’ll do X”, with an added nuance of “as long as that’s ok by you” (말할게)

너를 외면했던 시간

The times when I turned away from you,

외면하다 = to disregard, to look away from

시간 = time

자꾸 도망쳤던 날은 이제 더는 없어

The days when I kept running away, are no more.

Louder than bombs I say

자꾸 = keep, as in to keep on doing X

도망치다 = to run away

날 = a day

더는 = anymore

없다 = to not have, to not be in a location

Bridge [x2]:

사람들은 뭐 우리가 부럽대

People say “Well, you’re jealous of us.”

사람 = a person

우리 = we, us

부럽다 = to be jealous

내가 가진 pain 위선이라고 해

They say my pain is hypocrisy.

가지다 = to own

워선 = hypocrisy

No matter what I do 똥밭에 구르네

No matter what I do, I’m rolling in a field of filth.

똥 = technically “poo”, but the English word for poo sounds childish to me, that’s why I translated it as “filth” in the lyrics

밭 = a field

구르다 = to roll

우리가 아니면 그래 누가 할 건데

If not us, fine, then who will do it?

-면 = if X (아니면)

그래 = yeah, fine, ok, sure

누가 = who


Louder than bombs I sing

너와 내게 약속해

I make a promise to you and me.

-에게 = to, for X (내게)

약속하다 = to promise

어떤 파도가 덮쳐도

No matter what waves hit us

덮치다 = to hit, strike, pounce on

우린 끝없이 널 향해 노래할 거라고

We will never stop singing to you.

Louder than bombs I sing

끝없다 = endlessly

향하다 = to head towards, to go  in the direction of

노래하다 = to sing

BTS Louder Than Bombs lyrics English