Interlude: Wings

English translation and Korean lesson with the lyrics of Interlude: Wings by BTS, from the 2016 album Wings.

Produced by: Pdogg
Written by: Pdogg, ADORA, RM, j-hope, SUGA

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Take me to the sky

Put your hands up to the sky

Yeah, if you feelin’ the vibe

Uh, if you’re ready to fly

Yo J, let’s do it

Verse 1:

어릴 적의 기억해

I remember myself as a child.

어리다 = to be young (the age of a child)

적 = used to indicate that you’ve experienced something

-의 = indicates possession, like ‘s in English (적의)

나 = I, me

기억하다 = to remember

걱정이 없었기에

Because I had no big worries

크다 = to be big

걱정 = a worry

-이 없다 / -가 없다 = to not have X (걱징이 없었기에)

-기에 = “because X”. Used when giving a reason why one does something (없었기에)

이 작은 깃털이 날개가 될 것이고

that these small feathers would become wings, and

이 = this, these

작다 = to be small

깃털 = a feather

날개 = a wing

되다 = to become

-고 = X and (것이고)

그 날개로 날아보게 해줄 거란

I’d fly on those wings,

그 = that, those

-로 = using X, via X (날개로)

날다 = to fly

-아보다 / -어보다 = to “give something a try”, sort of. Read more here. (날아보게)

믿음, 신념 가득 차 있었어

I was full of belief and faith in that,

믿음 = belief

신념 = conviction, faith

가득 차다 = to be full of

웃음소리와 함께

together with the sound of laughter.

웃음 = laughter

소리 = a sound

-와 / -과 = “and” when followed by another noun, “with” in all other cases (웃음소리와)

함께 = together

가지 말라는 길을 가고

I go the way that I’m told not to go,

가다 = to go

-지 말다 “Don’t do X” (가지 말라는)

길 = a way, a path, a road 

하지 말라는 일을 하고

I do what I’m told not to do,

하다 = to do

일 = a task, a matter

원해선 안 될 걸 원하고

I want what I’m told I shouldn’t want,

원하다 = to want

-서는 안 되다 = used to say one “shouldn’t do X” (원해선 안 될)

또 상처받고, 상처받고

and I get hurt again and again.

또 = again, once again

상쳐 = a wound

받다 = to receive, to get

You can call me stupid

그럼 그냥 씩 하고 웃지

Then I’ll just grin back at you.

그럼 = then, in that case

그냥 = just

씩 = grinningly, with a quick smile (adverb)

웃다 = to laugh, to smile

-지 = adds a nuance of “you know”, or “isn’t it?” (웃지)

난 내가 하기 싫은 일로 성공하긴 싫어

I don’t want to succeed at something I don’t want to do.

내 = I, me, my

-기 싫다 =  to not want to do X, to not like X (하기 싫은)

성공하다 = to succeed

난 날 밀어

I push myself.

밀다 = to push 


난 날 믿어 내 등이 아픈 건

I believe in myself. This pain in my back 

믿다 = to trust, to believe in

등 = a back

아프다 = to hurt, to be in pain

날개가 돋기 위함인 걸

is so that my wings can sprout.

돋다 = to bud, sprout, to break out

-기 위하다 = so that X can happen (돋기 위함인)

날 널 믿어 지금은 미약할지언정

I believe in you and me. Although we’re weak now,

너 = you

지금 = now

미약하다 = to be weak

-ㄹ지언정 /  -을지언정 = even thogh X (마약할지언정)

끝은 창대한 비약일 걸

the end will be a leap into prosperity.

끝 = the end of something

창대하다 = to be prosperous

비약 = a leap

Fly, fly up in the sky

Fly, fly get ’em up high

니가 택한 길이야 새꺄 쫄지 말어

It’s the path you chose, kids. Don’t be cowed now.

니 = you

택하다 = to choose, to select

쌔끼 = a kid, a bastard (depending on how it’s inflected)

쫄다 = to be cowed by something, scared

이제 고작 첫 비행인 걸 uh

This is only your first flight. Uh

이제 = now

고작 = only this much, just this

첫 = first

비행 = a flight


Take me to the sky.

훨훨 날아갈 수 있다면

If I could flap my wings and fly away

훨훨 = flutteringly (adverb)

날아가다 = to fly away (날다 = to fly + 가다 = to go)

-ㄹ 수 있다 / -을 수 있다 = to be able to do X (날아갈 수 있다면)

-다면 = if X (있다면)

영영 달아날 수 있다면

If I could get away forever

영영 = forever

달아가다 = to escape, to flee, to fly off

If my wings could fly

점점 무거워지는 공기를 뚫고 날아

I’d break through the air that’s gradually getting heavier and fly.

점점 = gradually, bit by bit

무겁다 = to be heavy

-어지다 / -아지다 = makes an adjective transitional. IE. “to be heavy” becomes “to become heavy” (무거워지는)

공기 = air

뚫다 = to pierce, to penetrate

날아 나 날아 난 날아가

I fly, I fly, I fly away.

Higher than higher than higher than the sky

날아 나 날아 난 날아가

I fly, I fly, I fly away,

붉게 물든 날개를 힘껏

with all my might, with these crimson-tinged wings.

붉다 = to be crimson, scarlet

-게 = turns an adjective into an adverb. IE: “red” becomes “redly” (붉게)

물들다 = to be dyed, tinted, tinged

힘껏 = with all one’s might


Spread spread spread my wings

La la la la la la, la la la la la la

Spread spread spread my wings

La la la la la la, la la la la la la

Wings are made to fly fly fly

Fly fly fly

If my wings could fly

BTS Interlude Wings lyrics English