Intro: Boy Meets Evil

English translation and Korean lesson with the lyrics of Intro: Boy Meets Evil by BTS, from the 2016 album Wings.

Produced by: j-hope, Pdogg
Written by: j-hope, RM, Pdogg

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어두워져 가 내 미래의 빛

It’s getting dark, the light of my future.

어둡다 = to be dark

-어지다 / -아지다 = makes an adjective transitional. IE: “to be getting dark” instead of “to be dark” (어두워져)

가다 = to go

내 = I, me, my

미래 = a future

-의 = indicates possession, like ‘s in English (미래의)

빛 = light 

치기 어린 사랑에 잃은 꿈의 길

The path of the dream that I lost because of a childish love.

치기 = childishness, immaturity

어리다 = to be young

사랑 = love

-에 = at X, on X (사랑에)

잃다 = to lose

꿈 = a dream

길 = a road, a path

내 야망의 독기 매일 칼을 갈았지

The venom of my ambition. I sharpened my knife everyday.

야망 = ambition

독기 = venom, spite

매일 = every day

칼 = a knife

갈다 = to sharpen, to hone

-지 = adds a nuance of “you know” or “isn’t it?” (갈았지)

But 참을 수 없는 내 욕심에

But because of the greed that I can’t suppress,

참다 = to hold back, to stifle, to restrain oneself

-을 수 없다 / -ㄹ 수 없다 = to not be able to do X (참을 수 없는)

욕심 = greed

칼은 무뎌져

the knife is becoming dull.

무디다 = to be dull

알고 있어 다

I know full well

알다 = to know

-고 있다 = Present progressive tense. IE: “to be knowing” instead of “to know”. When this tense is used specifically with the verb “to know” it creates the meaning of “to be aware” of something. (알고 있어)

다 = all, everything

이 사랑은 악마의 또 다른 이름

that this love is another name for the devil.

이 = this, these

악마 = evil

또 = another, additionally

다르다 = to be different

이름 = a name

손을 잡지 마

“Don’t take its hand,”

손 = a hand

잡다 = to hold

-지 마 = “Don’t do X” (잡지 마)

외쳤지만 저버렸지 내 양심을

I cried, but I betrayed my conscience.

외치다 = to shout, to cry out

-지만 = X but (외쳤지만)

저버리다 = to betray, to break, to go back on (one’s word)

양심 = a conscience

날이 갈수록 느끼는 날카로운 현실들

As the days go by, I feel the sharp realities more and more.

날 = a day

-수록 = as X happens, the more X happens (갈수록)

느끼다 = to feel

날카롭다 = to be sharp

현실 = reality

-들 = makes a noun plural (현실들)

현실에 찢겨 붉게 묻은 피들

Torn by reality, stained crimson with blood.

찢기다 = to be torn

붉다 = to be scarlet, crimson

-게 = turns an adjective into an adverb. IE: “bright” becomes “brightly” (붉게)

묻다 = to be stained with something

피 = blood

생각 못했지

It didn’t occur to me that

생각 = a thought

못하다 = to not be able to do X (X being the accompanying verb)

그 욕심이 지옥을 부르는 나팔이 될 지는

that greed would become the trumpet that summoned hell.

그 = that, those

지옥 = hell

부르다 = to call, to summon

나팔 = a trumpet

되다 = to become


숨이 차오르고

My breath catches in my throat, and

숨 = breath

차오르다 = to well up, to come up

-고 = X and (차오르고)

뒤틀린 현실에 눈 감는 매일 밤

every night when I close my eyes on this twisted reality,

뒤틀리다 = to be twisted, distorted

눈 = an eye

감다 = to close (eyes only, not doors, windows, etc)

밤 = a night

울리는 비극의 오르골

the music box rings out a tragedy.

울리다 = to reverberate, to ring out

비극 = a tragedy

오르골 = a music box

But 이 죄를 벗기엔 그걸 잊는 게 당최 포기가 안돼

But I just can’t give up and forget it so that I can shed this sin,

죄 = an offense, crime, sin

벗다 = to shed, to take off (clothes)

잊다 = to forget

당최 = at all

포기 = the act of giving up

안 = to not do X (X being the accompany verb)

그 입술이 너무 달콤했기에

because those lips were so sweet.

입술 = lips

너무 = too, so

달콤하다 = to be sweet

-기에 = “because of X”. Used to give a reason why one is doing something (달콤했기에)

연애에 취해서 버려진 미래

Intoxicated by love, I threw away my future.

연애 = a relationship, dating, love

취하다 = to be drunk

-아서 / -어서 = because X (취해서)

버리다 = to abandon, throw out

깨어나고 볼 땐 이미 사방엔 지뢰

I wake up and look around, and I’m already surrounded by land mines.

깨어나다 = to wake up

보다 = to look, to see

때 = the point in time when something happens

이미 = already

사방 = all around, from every direction

지뢰 = a land mine

건드릴 수 없는 매서운 주위의 시선들

The cold stares of those around me that I can’t do anything about.

건드리다 = to do something about something, to touch

매섭다 = to be fierce, harsh

주위 = one’s surroundings, those around one

시선 = a look 

기적을 외쳐 이 현실에.

In this reality I cry out for a miracle.

기적 = a miracle


미치도록 좋았지

It was insanely good.

미치다 = to be crazy

-도록 = to the extent of X, until X happens (미치도록)

좋다 = to be good

달콤함에 중독된 병신

I was an idiot addicted to the sweetness.

중독되다 = to be addicted

병신 = an idiot, a moron

그래 병신

Yeah, an idiot.

그래 = yeah, okay, sure

놓치긴 싫었어 악마의 손길을

I didn’t want to let go of the devil’s touch.

놓치다 = to let go of, to miss out on

-기 싫다 = to not want to do X (놓치긴 싫었어)

손길 = the touch of a hand

Too bad but it’s too sweet

It’s too sweet it’s too sweet

Too bad but it’s too sweet

It’s too sweet it’s too sweet

Too bad but it’s too sweet

It’s too sweet it’s too sweet

Too bad but it’s too sweet

It’s too sweet it’s too sweet

It’s too evil

It’s too evil

It’s too evil

Yeah it’s evil

BTS Intro: Boy Meets Evil lyrics English and Korean