Language Lessons

Before anything else, learn Hangul and read “The Beginner’s Toolbox” below. After that, pick and choose what you want to learn. The lessons are in no particular order. Enjoy!


The Beginner’s Toolbox


Subject & object marking particles


Conjugating verbs & adjectives

Adding -아 / -어 particles to verbs & adjectives

있다 and 없다

Ways to say “because”:

-아서 / -어서 ~ because

-니까 / -으니까 ~ because

-기에 ~ “because of X, I am doing Y”


-아 보다 / -어 보다 ~ to give something a try

-아 주다 / -어 주다 ~ as a favour

-아 버리다 / -어 버리다 ~ to “completely” do X

-구나 / -네 ~ expressing realization, surprise, or amazement

-라도 / -이라도 ~ this isn’t the best option, but…

-잖아 ~ “as you know”

-아 내다 / -어 내다 ~ to manage to do X

-ㄹ게 / -을게 ~ “I’ll do X, if you don’t mind”

-게 되다 ~ “X ended up happening”

Dealing with whether one can, should, or wants to do something:

-고 싶다 ~ to want to do something

-지 않다 or 안 ~ to not do X

-지 마 ~ “Don’t do X”

-아야 하다 / -어야 하다 ~ to have to do X

Can & can’t ~ 수 있다 & 수 없다

Location / Direction:

-에 ~ time and location

-에서 ~ inside/from

From -부터 to -까지

-(으)로 ~ via, toward, or into

-보다 ~ compared to X

-만 ~ just X, only X

-도 ~ too/neither/even

-처럼 ~ like X

-고 있다 ~ present progressive tense

-아도 / -어도 ~ even if

-(으)면 ~ if/when

-(으)면서 ~ while

“And” & “with” ~ for nouns

“And” ~ for verbs & adjectives

Modifiers – describing an upcoming noun

하다, 되다, and passive verbs

Turning adjectives into adverbs

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