Run BTS Episodes 138 & 139

A look at the Korean wordplay, puns, and abbreviations from Run BTS Episodes 138 & 139.

English title: BTS Table Tennis Class

Korean title: 방탄 탁구 교실

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Episode 138:

Episode 139:

Ep 138 – 00:51

The Korean word for “table tennis” is 탁구 [tak-goo].

Because j-hope claims to be good at table tennis, RM calls him 김탁구. This sounds like a Korean name, since Korean names are typically 3 syllables and consist of a single-syllable surname followed by a two-syllable given name. 김 is one of the most common surnames in Korea.

j-hope corrects him that his name is actually 제이탁 (j-tak), using the 제이 from 제이홉 (the Korean spelling of j-hope), and the 탁 from 탁구.

Ep 139 – 7:10

j-hope tells RM and Jimin to “Please make it an intense match” and Jin mishears it as “intestine” according to the Weverse subs. That’s actually not what he says, but the true translation is too tough to explain in the subtitles.

What j-hope says is 좀 긴장감 넘치게 해 주세요. This literally means, “Please do it overflowing with tension.”

The word for “tension” is 긴장감 [kin-jang-gam].

The word Weverse has opted to go with for Jin’s repoly is “intestine” which is just 장 [jang].

The word that Jin actually hears and repeats is 김장 [kim-jang]. 김장 is the process of making kimchi, and it is a big undertaking, so to this Jung Kook replies, “If you want to make kimchi intensely you’ll need about three years.”

Ep 139 – 20:02

Yes, there are eggplants dancing above RM’s and j-hope’s heads. No, it’s not dirty.

As they were dancing around to “intimidate” each other, Jin said 가지가지 한다, 진짜. Weverse translated this as “You guys are something else.” which is the right spirit, but not the literal translation.

가지가지하다 means to do all sorts of things; to be doing this, that, and everything. The 하다 portion of it means, “to do”, and the 가지가지 portion means, “various kinds”, “all sorts”.

However 가지 also means “an eggplant”. And since 가지 appears twice in 가지가지, they’ve edited two eggplants into the shot.

Run BTS episode 138 and 139 Korean wordplay and puns