Run BTS Episode 140

A look at the Korean wordplay, puns, and abbreviations from Run BTS Episode 140.

English title: Bangtan Variety Show Collaboration Part 1

Korean title: 방탄 콜라보 예능1

Watch it here:

Timestamp 00:48

Jin tells the guys to clap for Yoongi’s revenge. He meant to say “return”. I think he may have misspoke because the Korean word for “revenge” is half-way between the word for “return” and the word for “applause”.

Return: 복귀 [bok-gui]

Revenge: 복수 [bok-soo]

Applause: 박수 [bak-soo]

Timestamp 7:23

따릉이 is mentioned, since RM doesn’t have his driver’s license, and this was before Jin bought him a bike of his own. RM has mentioned before that he is a frequent user of Seoul’s rentable bicycles. 따릉이, also called “Seoul Bike” is the name of Seoul’s bike sharing system. You can read more here.

Timestamp 9:26

SUGA tells V to enunciate properly because it sounds like he’s saying Bang Si Hyuk instead of “speed bump”. The full Korean word for speed bump is 과속방지턱, but they’re just saying 방지턱 [Bang-ji-teok] in this game.

The word 과속방지턱 actually appears in the first verse of Zero O’Clock. For fun, here’s the full breakdown of the word’s meaning:

과속 = speeding (It comes from 과, which refers to “excessiveness”, and 속도, which means “speed”.)

방지 = prevention

턱 = a raised spot

Timestamp 34:37

The guys burst into laughter when a picture is shown and Jung Kook yells “사 딸라!” (“Four dollars!” in response.

The picture he’s guessing is of an actor in character in a 2002 TV series called Rustic Period about the historical figure김두한 (Kim Du-han), a mob leader who turned to politics. There is a famous scene in the show where they are negotiating, and 김두한 will not budge from his position of four dollars. You can watch it here. It’s not subbed, but it is partially in English.

Jung Kook corrects himself from 사 딸라 and guesses 김두한. This is still wrong, since it is the character/historical figure’s name, and the answer they’re looking for is 김영철 (Kim Yeong-cheol), the actor who portrayed the character.

Run BTS episode 140 Korean wordplay and puns