Run BTS Episode 141

A look at the Korean wordplay, puns, and abbreviations from Run BTS Episode 141.

English title: Bangtan Variety Show Collaboration Part 2

Korean title: 방탄 콜라보 예능2

Watch it here:

Timestamp 00:30

There’s a made-up word they’re using in Korean that Weverse subs is translating as “song finger”.

The word “finger” is 손가락 [son-ga-rak].

When a Korean person says the English word “song”, they pronounce it with a long o sound. Like “soap”, but with an “ng” ending instead of a “p” ending. This pronunciation, “song”, sounds a lot like the “son” in 손가락.

In PD Na’s show, “New Journey to the West”, they patched the words together to create 송가락 [song-ga-rak] to refer to a game that was played.

Timestamp 24:39

The translations as they try to guess the movie “Music and Lyrics” are not quite true to the original Korean. The guys are guessing the Korean title of the movie, which is 그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡. Very roughly translated, this means “Female lyricist, male composer”.

RM accidentally switches their jobs and calls it 그 남자 작사 그 여자 작곡, meaning “Male lyricist, female composer”.

Jung Kook tries 그 남자 작곡 그 여자 작사, meaning “Male composer, female lyricist” He’s got the jobs right, but the movie title backwards.

Timestamp 29:28

Ssangmun-dong (쌍문동) is the name of a neighbourhood in Seoul. In the show 아기 공룡 둘리 (Dooly the Little Dinosaur), it is the neighbourhood in which the family who finds Dooly and takes him in lives.

Timestamp 32:15

When they read the word “meals” on the game board, Jimin starts singing “bop bop di ra ra”. This is because the word on the board is 밥 [bap], which is spelled and sounds just like they say “bop” in Korean.

The word 밥 actually means “cooked rice”, but because Koreans eat rice with almost every meal, they also use the word 밥 to refer to meals in general.

“바밥은 먹고 다니냐?” which means, “Are you eating your meals?” is a famous line from the movie “Memories of Murder“.

Timestamp 36:22

얼씨구 [Eol-ssi-goo] is an exclamation in Korean that sort of means “Hooray!” or “Yippee!”. It’s an older word, and not really used anymore.

Timestamp 37:16

The clue for the children’s song is 보고 싶다, which means “I miss you”. These are the first lyrics of the BTS song 봄날 (Spring Day), which is why they’re offered as a clue here. The title of the song they’re guessing is 봄, which means just “spring”.

Timestamp 39:34

After they reveal Jung Kook’s score, the members are all soothing him with reassuring words and suddenly “(5959)” pops up on screen. Why? Because 5 is 오 [oh] and 9 is 구 [goo] in Korean, so if you say 5959 aloud it sounds just like 오구오구 which sort of means, “There there” or “Awww”. It’s kind of like the soothing, babbling words you say to a baby.

Timestamp 45:32

As the guys burst out laughing, 3 exploding pastries appear on screen. It’s not as random as it seems.

The expression 빵 터지다 means “to burst out laughing”, but its literal meaning is for bread to explode. So what we’re seeing on-screen is the filling exploding out of a cream-stuffed bun.

Here is a list of all the songs that are referenced during the quiz game, in order of appearance:

Gentleman by Psy

올챙이와 개구리 (The tadpole and the frog)

We All Lie by 하진 (Hajin) ~ from the Sky Castle soundtrack

Beautiful by 크러쉬 (Crush) ~ from the Goblin soundtrack

Portals by Alan Silvestri ~ from the Avengers: Endgame soundtrack

Perfect Man by Shinhwa (and don’t miss the BTS cover either)

Don’t Think You’re Alone by Kim Bo Kyung ~ from the School 2013 soundtrack

Way Back Into Love performed by Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett ~ from the Music and Lyrics soundtrack

The theme song from the show 영심이 (Young Shim)

The theme song from the show 아기 공룡 둘리 (Dooly the Little Dinosaur)

Back in Time by Lyn and Jeon Hayeoung ~ from the The Moon Embracing the Sun soundtrack

얼굴들 (Faces) by Taro Iwashiro (no legal link available) ~ from the 살인의 추억 (Memories of Murder) soundtrack

아빠는 엄마를 좋아해 (Dad loves mom)


Run BTS episode 141 Korean wordplay and puns