Run BTS Episode 151

A look at the Korean wordplay, puns, and abbreviations from Run BTS Episode 151.

English title: War of Money Hotel Staycation Part 2

Korean title: 쩐의 전쟁 호캉스 2

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The word 호캉스 is included in the title, and it means “staycation”. As in English, it is a portmanteau of 2 words.

The first word is 호텔, which is Konglish, and means “hotel”.

The second word is 바캉스, which is a hangul spelling of the French word “vacance”, meaning “vacation”.

Timestamp 16:06

The subtitles say “Is Jimin doing a mukbang show?”

The hangul spelling of “mukbang” is 먹방 and it is an abbreviation of 먹는 방송 which means an “eating broadcast”.

먹다 = to eat.
The root is 먹 and by adding 는 you turn it into a descriptor for an upcoming noun. In other words, “먹는 ____” means “a _____ that is eating” or in this case, a broadcast in which eating is taking place.

방송 = 1: a broadcast, 2: the act of broadcasting

Timestamp 21:28

This one’s sort of apparent, but Jung Kook is making oinking sounds.

꿀꿀 [Ggool ggool] is the sound made in Korean rather than “oink oink” to imitate the sounds made by a pig.

Timestamp 21:48

In response to the guys calling for his attention, Jung Kook replies “Why?” in English. He’s making a direct-translation joke.

In English when someone calls for you, you reply with “What?” The assumed full meaning is probably “What do you want/need?”

In Korean, when someone calls for you, you reply with 왜? This means “Why?” The assumed full meaning is probably, “Why are you calling me?”

Timestamp 23:12

The English subtitles refer to RM as “Sexy Brain RM”, and the original Korean captions onscreen say 뇌섹몬. Most ARMY are familiar with the expression, because it’s used a lot in BTS content, but of course it’s not a real expression in English to refer to someone as a “sexy brain”. In Korean, however, there is such an expression.

The original expression is 뇌섹남, and it is an abbreviation of 뇌가 섹시한 남자, which literally means “a man with a sexy brain”, but the expression’s meaning has been broadened to refer to any smart person, regardless of gender.

뇌 = brain

섹시하다 = to be sexy

남자 = man

In this caption, they’ve replaced the final syllable (남) with 몬. The 몬 comes from the first syllable of 몬스터 which is the Konglish word “monster”.

Run BTS episode 151 Korean wordplay and puns