Run BTS Episode 152

A look at the Korean wordplay, puns, and abbreviations from Run BTS Episode 152.

English title: Nostalgic Songs Part 1

Korean title: 추억의 노래 1

Watch it here:

Timestamp 8:30

The name of the character in the show they’re trying to guess is 꼬비. RM has a sudden realization that the character’s name is an abbreviation of 마 도깨, which means “baby goblin” or more accurately “little goblin”.

꼬마 has one meaning but can be used in a couple of different ways.

1: It can be used as a noun to refer to a little boy or girl in a cute, affectionate sort of way.

2: It can be placed in front of a noun to mean “little”, sort of. Similar to the way we’d say “baby giraffe” or something, but it doesn’t quite mean baby, it just means a little kid.

도깨비= a goblin. Goblins are a prominent piece of Korean folklore, and they don’t have the same description and image as a western goblin. You can read about them here.

Timestamp 9:44

In response to the lyrics, V says, “Me?”

The lyrics they’re listening to are: 태양이 눈부시는 지구는 하나. Translation: “There’s only one earth for the dazzling sun.”

The Korean word for “sun” in this sentence is 태양 [taeyang], which sounds very much like V’s given name of 태형 [Taehyung], and this seems to have thrown him for a loop.

Timestamp 20:22

The final lyrics they hear are 폴이 여깄따아 which is a cutesy way of saying 폴이 여기 있다, meaning “Paul is here” or “Paul came”.

폴 = Paul

-이 = a suffix attached to Paul to indicate that he is the subject of the sentence. (You can read more here.)

여기 = here

있다 = to be found, to exist

They then begin guessing everything that sounds similar to Paul. The only guess that has a translatable meaning is RM’s, which is 풀. 풀 = grass.

Timestamp 23:43

The word translated repeatedly as only “gomusin” is 고무신, literally meaning “rubber shoes”, but specifically referring to a type of traditional Korean shoes. Read more here.

고무 = rubber

신 or 신발 = shoes

The song they’re singing is a trot song called 검정 고무신 (Black Rubber Shoes) by 한동엽, released in 2010.