Run BTS Episode 153

A look at the Korean wordplay, puns, and abbreviations from Run BTS Episode 153.

English title: Nostalgic Songs Part 2

Korean title: 추억의 노래 2

Watch it here:

Timestamp 2:33

The word translated repeatedly as only “gomusin” is 고무신, literally meaning “rubber shoes”, but specifically referring to a type of traditional Korean shoes. Read more here.

고무 = rubber

신 or 신발 = shoes

The song they’re singing is a trot song called 검정 고무신 (Black Rubber Shoes) originally by 한동엽, released in 2010. I can’t find the version they’re singing though.

Timestamp 3:39

As they are selecting a purple paper for a chance, and saying 보라해, which is V’s invented word that means “I purple you”, Jung Kook combines 보라해 [bo-ra-hae] with 라지벌랄라 [la-ji-beol-lal-la] from Run BTS Episode 41 (starting at 17:27) to create 보라지벌랄라 [bo-ra-ji-beol-lal-la].

Timestamp 3:42

As Jimin picks a folded paper, the English subtitles translate part of what he says as “I have terrible luck.” In fact, what he has said is, 나 똥손이잖아. This literally means, “You know I have crap hands.” It is a Korean expression that means that you have the opposite of the Midas touch, that everything you touch goes wrong.

나 = I, me

똥 = poo, crap

손 = a hand

-잖아 = gets added to sentences when saying something the listener already knows or should already know (똥손이잖아)

Timestamp 6:42

The full line V is supposed to sing is 엄마 아빠도 어릴 적 신던 헐렁하고 못생긴 검정 고무신, meaning “The big, ugly, black rubber shoes that my parents wore too, back when they were young”

At 6:24 he sings 시절 [shi-jeol] instead of 신던 [shin-deon]. This changes the meaning to “The time when mom and dad were young…”

At 7:01 he is wrong again because the 도 is missing from 아빠. That 도 means “too” or “even”. When the PD prompts him that something is missing from the word 아빠, Jung Kook guesses that it is 가 [ga]. 가 is a particle that attaches to the end of a word to indicate that it is the subject of the sentence. You can read more here. In everyday spoken language such particles are often dropped, but technically, this particle is supposed to be there.

They try the lyrics again with the added particle and fail again at 7:41. That’s when they realize the particle used is 도, not 가. In Korean, when another particle such as 도 is added to a word that should normally have a subject marking or object marking particle, it takes the place of the subject or object marking particle, rather than getting added on behind it.

Sentence vocab:

엄마 = mom

아빠 = dad

-도 = X too, even X (아빠도)

-가 / -이 = a particle that marks a word as the subject of the sentence (가 for words that end in a vowel, 이 for words that end in a consonant)

어리다 = to be young

적 = a memory, the experience of having done X (X being the preceding noun or clause)

신다 = to wear, to put on (footwear only, not all clothes)

헐렁하다 = to be big, baggy

못생기다 = to be ugly

Timestamp 13:04

After Jimin and RM discussed a certain part of the lyrics earlier, Jin gets that very part wrong. In his defense the words are nearly identical in pronunciation and meaning. He should have said 정다운 [jeong-da-oon], which means “heartwarming” sort of, but he said 정겨운 [jeong-gyeo-oon], which is more like “heartfelt” or “full of warmth and affection”.

Timestamp 17:01

The singer of this song is 나얼 (NAUL), and RM has added 갓 [gat], which is the hangul spelling and pronunciation of “god” in front of it. This could be interpreted as either “NAUL the god” if he’s commenting on this singer being amazing, or “the god version of NAUL”, if he’s making a joke that he’s about to nail this song even better than the original singer. I can’t tell which he means.

By the way, this is the same song that he, Jin, and Jung Kook sang in Run BTS episode 28 (starting at 5:29).

Timestamp 26:03

j-hope jokes that Jin has a lot of anger in him. The word 화 means both “anger” and “flower” in Korean, and is found in the title and lyrics of the song Jin is singing (the “flower” meaning of it, not the “anger” meaning).

Full Song List:

정 (Affection) by 영턱스클럽 (Young Turks Club) – released in 1996

검정 고무신 (Black Rubber Shoes) by 한동엽 – released in 2010

외톨이 (Loner) by 아웃사이더 (Outsider) – released in 2010

바람기억 (Memory Of The Wind) by 나얼 (NAUL) – released in 2012

취중진담 (My Tipsy Confession) by 전람회 (Exhibition) – released in 1996

야생화 (Wild Flower) by 박효신 (Park Hyo Shin) – released in 2014

10 Minutes by 이효리 (Lee Hyori) – released in 2003

강남스타일 (Gangnam Style) by PSY – released in 2012

사랑합니다 (I Love You) by 팀 (Tim) – released in 2003

Butter by 방탄소년단 (BTS) – released in 2021

내 사랑 내 곁에 (My Love By My Side) by 김션식 (Kim Hyun Sik) – released in 1991

나에게 떠나는 여행 (Travel To Me) by 버즈 (Buzz) – released in 2005)

Run BTS episode 153 Korean wordplay and puns explained