Run BTS Episodes 133 – 135

A look at the Korean wordplay, puns, and abbreviations from Run BTS Episodes 133, 134, and 135.

English title:  Workshop Special

Korean title: 연수회 특집

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Episode 133:

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Episode 135:

Ep 133 – 00:50

Jung Kook jokes that because V came to Seoul after he did, V is his “junior”. The Korean word he uses is 후배.

Korean culture places a lot of emphasis on age and seniority. It also has strict rules around how you address people in order to show them the correct level of respect and maintain the right boundaries in your relationship.

As part of this, there are 2 words commonly used in schools and in the workplace. They are 선배 and 후배. A student who is in any grade above you in school, or a colleague who has been working for the company longer than you is your 선배, and you are their 후배. They may call you 후배 or they may just call you by your name, and they can speak informally to you. However, you must refer to them as 선배, and you must speak to them formally unless they explicitly give you permission to “lower” your speech when speaking to them.

Ep 133 – 2:35

If you want to play the typing game they’re playing, you can find it here. You do not need to have a Korean keyboard or language pack installed on your computer to play.

Ep 133 – 15:53

Looking at a gif of Jimin in a rabbit hat, they try to guess what he said in that gif.

Jimin’s guess is 나도 한 입만 주라, which means, “Give me just a bite too.”

나 = I, me

-도 = X too, even X

한 = one

입 = a bite, a mouth

-만 = just X, only X

주다 = to give

-라 = one way to form an imperative (a command)

V’s guess is 나도 한 입만 도, which basically means the same thing, he’s just using a bit of dialect in the end of the sentence.

RM guesses 나도 주지, which means, “You should give [one to] me too.” but with no sentence object. This is common in Korean.

-지 in this context means, “should have done X”

RM takes another guess: 하나만 더 주지, which means, “You should have given me one more.”

하나 = one

더 = more

Jin gets it exactly right with 하나만 더 넣어주지, which means, “You should have put in one more.”

넣다 = to put something into something else

-어주다 adds the meaning, “for me” or “as a favour to me” sort of

Ep 133 – 18:02

V is telling Jung Kook about his mistyping. He tried to type 방탄소년단 더 쇼, which means “BTS The Show”, but he accidentally replaced 쇼 with 위, which means “ranking” or “place/position in a ranking”. The result was 방탄소년단 더위 which means “BTS heat”.

더위 = heat

Ep 135 – 19:08

The reference j-hope makes is to a Korean movie that came out in 2005, called “Welcome to Dongmakgol“. Dongmakgol is the name of the remote mountain village that the movie is set in.

Run BTS episode 133, 134, 135 Korean wordplay and puns